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This room full of mannequins really creeped us out.


-L’Orignal Jail

teddy bear paranormal tool sits on top of glass case which contains a top hat. teddy's belly is lit up green

Doing some base readings before an investigation and training new members on EMF detector debunking!

hand holds up a k2 EMF meter to thermostat as it lights up

This isn’t even close to all our equipment!

suitcase sits on table next to audio mixer and other tech

Big Brother is always watching at Base Control!

-L’Orignal Jail

two screens are set up on table to a DVR system, showing many night vision shots

Sam helping set up some static cams and taping down wires so we don’t trip and become ghosts!


-L’Orignal Jail

non-binary investigator runs wiring along wall from static camera on tripod

A closeup of our DVR system at Base Control, which we were livestreaming to Facebook at the time. Catch us on the next one and help us monitor the monitor!

-L’Orignal Jail

close-up of DVR screen showing split shots of rooms on night vision camera

creepy, but hey, at least they’re wearing a mask! Just one of many disturbing items found in the Highjinx shop…

-HighJinx Antique Shop

black mannequin torso holding ouija board

This funky shop was so fun to investigate. Located in Ottawa, On. 

-HighJinx Antique Shop

rem pod reacts to nearby approaching hand
mannequin stands in room with glass case of historical items
black and white old photo of stone building amongst trees