glass sphere reflects sunset upside down

Factors Affecting Perception

Our overwhelmed computer brains can sometimes malfunction, get hacked, or become subjected to the drama of our hearts and convictions. So many factors influence false perception…

in a smokey yellow haze a pregnant female stands holding belly in black dress

The Odd Correlation Between Pregnancy and Spirits

This trope has been exhausted in the media and also has roots in some cultural and real life anecdotal lore. Could there be truth to pregnancy acting as a beacon to spirits, or is it all just baby brain? Let’s explore some theories!

dark room only shows an illuminated peeking eye of a child

Why Do I Feel Like I’m Being Watched?

We’ve all felt it; eyes burning a hole into the back of our head, only to turn around and find that no one is there. Are there really people or spirits creeping on us, watching our every move, or is it yet another trick of the mind?

night photography of bright streaking streetlights and light flares

Do Orbs Count As Evidence?

There’s an ongoing debate within the paranormal community regarding orbs being valid visual evidence. So what does C.L.A.S.S.-A have to say about it?

dark foggy cemetery shows dark tombstone silhouettes

Landscapes That May Support Hauntings

So many elements theoretically play a part in cases of hauntings: A key player, though, is the landscape and terrain itself. Some materials are more conductive to energy and may attract spirits.