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We creep it real!

Hey Creeps! We’re an Ottawa, Canada based scientific paranormal team founded in 2021 by Taylor Robert. New ownership was transferred in late 2023 to Lee Hatfield, with the same goal in mind: To seek to disprove claims of the paranormal in hopes of discovering we can’t! Every scientific tool and method possible is at our disposal and we are devoted to creating controlled and unbiased environments. We investigate using critical thinking/techniques and the process of elimination of the mundane in order to speculate on mysterious phenomenon. 

We take on private residential requests (FREE of charge), as well as host investigations and events at public haunts. Follow our socials to join the adventure! 

Keep it creepy, keep it Class-A!


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Our Research Methods

From Theory to Reality

We take a skeptical and scientific approach to all our endeavors, scrutinizing events with every resource available. We create controlled and unbiased conditions and environments to the best of our abilities and monitor any changes using state-of-the-art equipment and tech. We seek the truth, and only that. 
Currently taking member applications & client/investigation requests.

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